Aura Colors and Their Meanings Explained In Detail

By | September 12, 2021

The aura in general language is known as the light around the body. Each person has an aura. The wheels of it consist of seven main colors, and each color has different mining. And here we will discuss Aura colors and their mining.

The Most Common Aura Colors and Their Meanings

Aura Colors and Their Meanings

1] Red Aura:

People with red aura is enthusiastic and energetic and always look for new adventures. They are quickly meet to anger and lost temper on little things. They are strong mentally and physically.

People with red aura can bore easily and always find new things and adventure to do. But once they stick to any project or work they get success and wealth together.

They don’t hide the agenda or motives. The Red Aura person needs to be number one by themselves and not good for team works.

2] Yellow Aura:

Yellow Aura individual is intelligent, analytical, and logical. They tend to shine in teaching and study careers and make them excellent inventors and scientists. They work too hard.

They put their work above the relationship. They are likely to mental health pressures and depressed when stressed. The Yellow Aura person is a brilliant communicator and confident.

With good observation skill, they can read everyone’s mind easily. Some yellow aura is little eccentric with unusual interests and hobbies.

3] Pink Aura:

Pink Aura person is nature loving and giving. They like to be loved and gather with close friends and family.  They host family events and have a high interest in their health.

These people are very romantic and stay loving, faithful, and loyal for their life partners for life. They have strong psychic abilities with creative ideas and strong imaginations. In general, they are great writers, poets and song lyricist.

4] Silver Aura:

Silver Aura persons are god gifted, and they use it wisely. Silver Aura individuals offered sensitivity, practicality, intuitiveness, and psychic ability.

They make the right decision quickly. Predominant silver auras are very attractive. They chose their friends carefully.

5] Gold Aura:

Gold Aura person love beauty and have a very creative ability. They love to entertain and look for the company of others. They are a sparkling gem in a crown.

They love to get attention and admiration of many people. They are great listeners and hence feel anyone comfortable. They don’t like to be criticized.

6] Blue Aura:

Blue Auras are quite rare, but it is the boldest one with strong personalities. They are master of communication and easily convey the thoughts, ideas, views, and concepts.

Blue aura person is an excellent politician, writers, good organizers, and poets. These people are highly intelligent and very intuitive. People with blue auras are peacemakers and calm any hot situation.

7] Green Aura:

Green Aura people are highly creative, hard-working and look for perfection. With down to earth nature and fanciful dreams, they give a new color to their world. They like gardening, cooking, home decorating, etc.

These people tend to be very popular, admired and respected. Green Aura people choose their friend carefully and hence do not fool in friendship. They are health-conscious.

8] Orange Aura:

Orange Aura individuals are generous, gregarious, and social souls. They love other’s company and don’t mind to become the center of attention. They pleased others by giving gifts.

These people are kind, honest, good-hearted and charming. With it, they can easily lose the temper and angry in little things. But they forget and forgive quickly. The negative side is they are impatient and tend to rush into relationships, projects, and experiences rapidly.

9] Purple Aura:

Highly psychic, emotional, mysterious, philosophical and secretive.

10] Black Aura:

It indicates negativity, hatred, major illness, depression, cheap and miserly.

11] Brown Aura:

Light Brown: confusion and discouragement.

Dark Brown: selfishness, fault finding, and a tendency toward deception.

Aura Colors

Red AuraOrange Aura
Magenta AuraYellow Aura
Logical Tan AuraGreen Aura
Blue AuraViolet Aura
Lavender AuraBlack Aura
White AuraPurple Aura
Light Blue AuraTurquoise Aura
Grey AuraPink Aura
Golden AuraIndigo Aura
Rainbow AuraLight Orange Aura

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